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Mumbaikars, Get Groceries And Essentials Delivered Within 24 Hrs From BBRRMM Food

In order to battle COVID-19, we have to stay home and stay safe. That means, we are forever on the lookout for getting groceries and all essential items home delivered. But unavailability of slots and no guarantee of deliveries have sadly become a part of life. But no more!

BBRRMM Food is the ultimate e-supermarket that is getting your daily grocery needs sorted, with a click of a button Mumbaikars! And, they deliver within 24 hours of placing the order. Established with the primary objective of making delivery of essential food and groceries safely accessible during the lockdown in Mumbai, BBRRMM is making our lives easier. They have a mobile-friendly online ordering process and a 24-hour delivery guarantee. So be rest assured, your orders will reach your doorstep without any hassle.


Citywide lockdown unlocks new potential for Mumbai-based startup BBRRMM Foods

While the nation stays home to fight the pandemic, local services are running around the clock to ensure convenience and safety. Mumbai-based startup BBRRMM Foods has created a quick response e-commerce platform for groceries and daily food essentials to serve its citizens during these difficult times.
Grocery delivery apps have been the go-to choice for most citizens during lockdown. However, the unprecedented rise in demand has led to a delayed response time and long waiting period. Finding the gap in the market, 18-year-old entrepreneur, Bhargav, resourcefully turned his brick-and-mortar business into an innovative online marketplace for groceries.

“Even though supply is available, I noticed that delivery slots are chock-a-block on most online platforms. The demand is simply overwhelming. That’s where BBRRMM Foods comes in. With our staff and delivery personnel dedicated to our service promise, no matter what the location, we deliver across the city within 24 hours,” emphasises Bhargav.

With a mission to revolutionise the grocery shopping experience in India, BBRRMM Foods offers a mobile-friendly website. The key USP that sets the service apart is its Whatsapp shopping platform.

“It’s a learning curve to switch to a digital platform and can be a hassle for people who aren’t tech-savvy. Keeping that in mind, customers can also place their order via Whatsapp. Simply send us a message on Whatsapp and we’ll punch in the order on your behalf. It’s an easy-to-use, efficient service, especially for our senior citizens,” explains Bhargav.

What’s more, the service also has a 24/7 CRM team to respond to queries and coordinate delivery schedules.

Given the speed, simplicity and efficiency of the service, BBRRMM Foods has quickly gained popularity and is currently in direct competition with e-commerce giants and grocery store chains that provide similar services in the city. Needless to say, safety is imperative and of the highest priority for the BBRRMM Foods team.

“We sanitise our warehouse almost every hour and maintain strict safety protocols, so our customers can rest assured every time a delivery reaches their doorstep,” says Bhargav.

The e-marketplace offers an eclectic variety of basic groceries like pulses, flours, fruits, oil, etc. along with a selection of beverages, farsan, desserts, gourmet options and soon to launch hot snacks and ready to eat food items. Also included in their offerings are basic home hygiene essentials. A well-rounded, elaborate selection of food essentials is leaving customers spoilt for choice, even with stocks in low supply during the lockdown.

BBRRMM Foods is swiftly expanding from an e-store to a mammoth e-marketplace and has managed to onboard about 30+ brands over the past few days with a vision to onboard 500 + brands over the next 6 months.

As we try to adjust to the new normal, BBRRMM Foods, spearheaded by the young and dynamic CEO, is changing the way we shop for our essentials – quick, easy and safe. “It’s simple. If we want to flatten the curve, citizens have to stay home. And BBRRMM Foods helps you do that,” concludes Bhargav.

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