Daawat Basmati Rice/Basmati Tandul - Sehat Mini Mogra, 10 kg

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Daawat Mini Mogra is pure basmati which comes from our premium Specialist range for its smaller size. It has all the magnificent qualities of pure basmati uniformly graded by our aromatic sortex machines into different sizes & rozana brands, which you may buy as per your rice preparation. Once a luxury enjoyed only by royalty, the queen of rice can now grace your dining table every day. Rozana short length basmati promises the authentic taste and fragrance of basmati harvested from the finest seeds, at a price that fits into every budget! 

  • MRP PriceRs. 530

Product Details

  • Energy--348kcal
  • Protein--8.2g
  • Carbohydrates--78g
  • Sugars--0g
  • Saturated Fat--0.1g
  • Cholestrol--0mg
  • Trans Fat--0g
  • Sodium--0.75mg
  • Dietary Fiber--1.9g
  • Total Fat--0.5g
  • Calcium--7.6mg
  • Iron--1.08mg
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